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A viscous cosmetic instruction with synthetic detergent used for laundry hair is referred to as shampoo. Its principle function is to easy the scalp such that it need to become free from sebum and overseas materials. Shampoo additionally makes the hair lustrous and excellent looking. In olden days detergent soap were used for laundry hairs, however these days it has been replaced by way of shampoo. today shampoo has turn out to be an essential hair cosmetic for both males and females. however the detergent and other uncooked substances decided on for shampoo preparation ought to be non toxic to tile scalp, eyes and so on. aside from cleaning, shampoo will also be used for medicinal motive (i.E., medicated shampoo). After guidance every and every shampoo need to be evaluated.
·                               it should have optimum viscosity such that it facilitates ease during application.
·                               it should have good spreading properties.
·                               it should produce sufficient lather after application.
·                               it should be able to remove waste material such as debris, soil, sebum, dead cells, salts (due to sweat) etc., from the scalp.
·                               it should not form any kind of film on scalp.
·                               it should rinse out completely after washing.
·                               it should produce lather with both hot and cold water.
·                               it should facilitate ease of combing after shampooing.
·                               after drying, the hair should not give rough appearance.
·                               it should provide lustre to the hair.
·                               it should produce good odour both before and after shampooing.
·                               it should not produce any kind of irritation or itching to the scalp.
·                               it should not support any microbial growth.
·                               it should be stable and have a half life of about 2 to 3 years.
·                               it should be economical.

Various types of shampoos are available and they are classified based on their consistency.
They are as follows:
1.           clear liquid shampoos
2.           liquid cream shampoos
3.           cream shampoos
4.           gel shampoos
5.           powder shampoos
6.           aerosol shampoos (Foam type)
7.           special shampoos

1.             clear Liquid Shampoo:
these are clean liquid preparations that are maximum widely used. they’re typically made by way of using detergent of low cloud point. Alkanolamides also can be used in these preparations. a number of those shampoos may be obvious.
2.           liquid Cream Shampoos:
these are called as lotion shampoos which can be modification of clean liquid shampoos. Addition of opacifier together with glyceryl monostearate, glycol stearate and so on., to the clean liquid shampoo yields liquid cream shampoo. Solubilising agents such as magnesium stearate is also used to dissolve the added opacifier.
3.            cream Shampoos:
Those shampoos have a paste like consistency and are packed in a collapsible tube. They find notable use in hair salons. they are additionally available in jars with wide mouth. The paste consistency is developed via addition of alkyl sulphates, additionally Cetyl alcohol is delivered, which serves as a builder. 
4.           gel Shampoo:
these are transparent and thick typically made by means of incorporating a gelling agent, (e.G., cellulose).there’s brilliant use in hair salons and beauty parlors. The precept element is detergent which may be used both alone or in mixture with cleaning soap. via altering the percentage of detergent, gel of required consistency can be received. Addition of methyl cellulose to clear liquid shampoo and its next thickening additionally gives rise to gel shampoo.
5.          powder Shampoos:
As call indicates, it is available within the shape of dry powder, to start with it turned into prepared from dry soaps, but these days dry artificial detergents are used for his or her instruction. Powder shampoo is ready in which addition of water or other solvent reduces the activity of the additives, specially in case of medicated shampoo. nowadays, these shampoos are not used because of the difficulty experienced of their utility.
6.  aerosol Shampoos (Foam Type):
they are called aerosol shampoos due to the fact they’re packed in aerosol packing containers. Their components, education and packing is complicated as an extra propellant is protected. The propellant added have to be well suited and must now not lessen the pastime of shampooing ingredients. The container starting is supplied with a valve. Shampoo comes out as foam when the valve is pressed. subsequently additionally called as foam kind shampoo.
7.           special Shampoos:
These are the shampoos which are meant for special purpose. They are
(a)            medicated Shampoo: those shampoos contain medicinal dealers. these dealers treat the disorders of the scalp or hair. Examples of medicated shampoos are: Anti-lice shampoo, Anti-dandruff shampoo, Anti-baldness shampoo etc,.
The medicinal agent brought ought to now not irritate the sebaceous glands. It should now not sensitize the scalp. The diploma of itching and scaling ought to additionally be reduced. among all, anti dandruff form of medicated shampoo is maximum extensively used. formulation for that’s given under:
(b)            conditioner Shampoos:
these shampoos serve for hair conditioning. first of all they easy the hair (and scalp) and hold them in easy and lustrous situation. in addition they prevent sticking of hairs. Conditioner shampoo nowadays is widely utilized by both males and females. maximum of the conditioners are crafted from Quaternary ammonium compounds. those compounds have the property of decreasing electric powered fees among the hair, as a result hair become lustrous effortlessly conceivable. those compounds also can showcase a bactericidal effect.
What Is A Hair Cleanser?
A hair cleanser is similar to a shampoo. The only distinction is the system. Hair cleansers do not include sulfates or harsh detergents and dangerous chemicals. they are milder, gentler, and cleanse your hair without stripping the natural oils.
Hair cleansers have a creamy formula that incorporates a blend of oil and water. This special combo continues your hair gentle, frizz-free, and hydrated. all and sundry who’s looking for a mild hair washing option can use hair cleansers.
Who Should Use Hair Cleansers?
Anyone can use hair cleansers. However, they are especially beneficial for those who:
· Wash their hair almost every day.
· Have dry and frizzy hair.
· Have damaged and fried hair.
· Have color-treated and bleached hair.
· Have a sensitive scalp or allergic to sulfates.
Wondering if you can use hair cleansers every day? Find your answer in the next section.

How Often Can You Use Hair Cleansers?
there may be no particular answer, and it comes down to non-public possibilities. if you have first-rate and oily hair, workout each day and sweat loads, or live in a damp region, you could use a hair cleaner every day. considering the fact that hair cleansers have a moderate formulation, they’ll no longer strip the strands dry.
Hair Cleanser Or Shampoo: Which One To Choose?
It relies upon on your hair kind, texture, needs, and way of life.
pick out a hair purifier if you have dry, damaged, and fragile hair that wishes moisturization and nourishment. in case your hair is nice (kinky, curly, and wavy), colored, chemically dealt with, and over-processed, pass for hair cleansers.
when you have an oily scalp or sweat regularly and have normal healthful hair, you could use shampoos for thorough cleansing. Shampoos are quality for folks that paintings exterior or stay in a place that has hard water.
even as the end intention of hair cleansers and shampoo are the equal, the important difference is their system. Hair cleansers commonly have a gentler, sulfate-unfastened components that gained’t strip your hair of its herbal oils. that is especially perfect for people with colour-handled strands, dry hair, or broken hair.

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