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PRE-FILLED TANK – ICED FRUIT | This fresh balance of cool, fruit flavor of PRE-FILLED TANK – ICED FRUIT  is one of the reasons why I no longer go back to smoking cigarettes. It simply doesn’t exist in that world, but it’s a great way to mix things up with NJOY’s Convenience Vaping devices.

All the flavor without the fuss! No Spills or Messing Refilling. The advanced Atomizer Design delivers more vapor and more flavor.


NJOY had begun stepping up the quality of their e-liquids a couple of years ago and today I believe that they have the best tasting and the best performing e-liquids for the mini-eCigs segment of the community. None of the available flavors taste like those Chinese made e-liquids found in substandard cookie cutter starter kits. These e-liquids are truly premium e-liquids on par with the flavors in the Artist Collection, though blended for the smaller battery and tank systems.

The best thing about a Prefilled Tank is convenience and consistency. The Atomizer coil has an organic cotton wick that helps maintain the flavor of the e-liquid in the tank, and with a wider airflow the new Advanced Atomized delivers more vapor and more flavor than you could have imagined from a device like this.

The NJOY Prefilled Tanks are available in 1,4,8,12 & 16 Packs, and NJOY is constantly throwing out coupon codes and sales that if you play it smart, you can enjoy this long lasting batteries and prefilled tanks for a whole lot less than you think. Just recently NJOY had a public sale where you could get the 100mAh battery system. If you sign up for their email newsletter and sales, they deliver these code to you all the time.

The Breakdown:

  • The new Pre-Filled Tank holds 3mL of e-liquid so you can vape for hours, even all day depending on your vaping needs. The new tank uses an Advanced Atomizer, which delivers more vapor and more flavor, and without any worry about refilling tanks or spilling e-liquid.
  • NJOY calls the battery the “Pre-Filled Tank Battery” and has created a powerful 1000mAh capacity with a micro USB charger and 510 thread.


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