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Njoy Loop Vaping Device

Original price was: ₨ 3,000.Current price is: ₨ 1,500.

Quick Overview


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NJOY Loop rundown

The NJOY Loop Vaping is an improved and modernized version of the classic e-cigarette. It’s a fully-loaded kit designed for convenience and a cigarette-like hit. The Loop Vaping kit comes with an impressive pocketable charge case and USB-C charge cord, two e-cigarette battery sticks, plus a proprietary quick charger for USB drives.

The LOOP Vaping battery sticks pair with the NJOY Loop Vaping nicotine pod flavors, sold separately.

The flavor pods available for the kit come in five choices: Tropical Twist, Blue + Black Berry, Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, and Cool Menthol. Each flavor pack has two pods each that hold almost a full mL of liquid, a nicotine concentration of 4.5%, and they’re individually rated for approximately 150 puffs.

I purchased these kits directly from and this review is unsponsored.

Size, weight, and feel Njoy loop Vaping

The Loop is a well-made system of two ecigs and a charge case (PCC – portable charge case). The Loop ecigs appear to be just like old ecigs – called cigalikes — but those outdated versions were relatively heavy for their size. NJOY loop Vaping uses a smaller battery which cuts down the length and weight. The Loop ecig (pod and battery) measure 3.6” x 0.3” and it only weighs 0.4 oz.

The Njoy Loop Vaping charge case

Even with a small battery in the Loop ecigs, the included charge case keeps the two vapes – of different flavors if you like – charged and ready to go (more on that in the charge section).

The Loop ecigs can work without the PCC, but the charge case ensures your ecigs don’t die on you throughout the day due to their small battery capacity.

The charge case is really nice. Its designed well and it functions perfectly. It charges the ecigs quickly, and it feels amazing with its soft-touch grey rubber coating. Even opening and closing the lid is a treat! The lid is magnetized and it features a mechanical spring system that rises and closes slowly before clicking shut. To open it, simply push your thumbnail in between the top and bottom lid (or just pull up on the front of the lid).

With the two ecigs inside, the Loop Vaping charge case weighs slightly more than a small smartphone, and it’s a bit thicker too. In general, though, it feels like a typical electronic device we use every day. It has smooth and rounded edges that make it fit cleanly in a pocket or purse, and its subtle appearance won’t look suspicious while sitting out on your desk. NJOY loop Vaping also includes a USB quick charger for charging in typical USB outlets if you don’t want to carry the case.

The Loop kit comes in a branded corrugated box, similar to a smartphone packaging. It’s a nice box that you may want to keep. Set aside the PCC and the USB charger (I’ll talk about those in the battery/charger section). The batteries will come already with some charge to them, so this can get you up and running immediately.

  • Take out your battery sticks
  • Take out flavor pods (making sure the rubber stoppers are removed)
  • Screw the pods onto the battery sticks

After you screw on the pods, go ahead and take a hit. This would be a good time to try two different flavors since you have two battery sticks.

It’s got an automatic draw that activates when it senses you inhale on it. You’ll hear a sizzle, but that’s normal. There are no buttons to turn on and off. It’s automatic! Draw on it as you would a cigarette, which vapers call a mouth-to-lung hit. Get ready…

How does it hit?

The draw on the NJOY Loop is tight, much like a cigarette. This is the ideal type of draw when switching from smoking. And it has a really pronounced throat hit. If you miss the hit of a cigarette, you might just forget about it when you hit the Loop! That said, some of the flavors hit stronger than others despite them all having 4.5% nicotine.

From strongest to smoothest (IMO):

  1. Classic Tobacco
  2. Smooth tobacco
  3. Cool Menthol
  4. Tropical Twist
  5. Blue + Black Berry

What I like most about the NJOY Loop hit is that I can take multiple long draws without getting any burning. What I don’t like about the hit is that occasionally vape juice can dribble into your mouth. One way to stop that from happening is to not vape while you’re lying down — I learned this from vaping in bed!

Note: To prevent vape juice from dribbling into your mouth while using the NJOY Loop, unscrew the pod and hold it in a napkin; blow through the mouthpiece and wipe down the bottom (around the threads). It’s actually more effective blowing through the threaded-end, but either way will work. There won’t be much liquid in the napkin, if any at all, but it will help clear the airflow channel (called a chimney) from getting liquid in your mouth. Do this periodically or as often as you need.

Are the flavors any good?

Njoy LoopThe NJOY Loop experience is about the hit! Essentially what that means is the flavors are just decent. Nothing great, but nothing bad. They’re simple flavors. Nothing over-the-top. A few of the flavors I only keep for emergencies, and the others I go through often.

Blue + Black Berry: A bit sour with a sweet aroma. You will taste blue and blackberries, but it’s more artificial tasting. It doesn’t exactly taste like candy, but it smells a bit like Kool-aid. The throat hit is the smoothest of all the flavors.

Tropical Twist: Slightly sweet and mostly tart. Tropical Twist is a bright flavor that’s fairly non-descript but pleasantly zesty. It’s difficult to identify the types of fruit, but it’s likely pineapple and some citrus. It has a decent throat hit. Not too strong, but not too light.

Classic Tobacco: By far my favorite flavor of them all. It’s a traditional tobacco taste in vapes, and I think NJOY has used this flavor in their old devices. It’s slightly nutty, dry, and it kinda tastes like tobacco… but it’s the hit that does it for me. It hits hard! If your current vape only feels like hot scented air when you hit it, try Classic Tobacco.

Rich Tobacco: Rich tobacco originally was my favorite, until I tried Classic Tobacco. Flavor wise, Rich Tobacco has more character than Classic Tobacco. It tastes a bit darker and toastier than Classic – along the lines of a cigar, but not really. Rich also hits smoother than Classic, though they both hit hard.

Cool Menthol: Cool Menthol isn’t a super-cold vape like other menthols. It’s pretty tame. It tastes like it has some other background flavors other than menthol, maybe mint or something, but it’s a good menthol vape in general. It doesn’t have much more throat hit than Tropical Twist, but the mentholated sensation intensifies the feeling.

With only five choices, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by options. It’s a decent mix of different tastes that should have something for most people, unless you like wild dessert flavors and or fruity flavors.

Charge case and battery life

It’s hard to express how amazing the charger is. The Loop ecigs — assembled with a pod — fit in the case with no rattle or wiggle room. They’re easily inserted. Just drop the Loop ecig LED-side first into the slot. And the Loop ecigs are in the case firmly due to strong magnets.

You can store your ecigs in the case and hardly ever have to worry about the ecigs’ batteries dying. Although the case is a huge difference in your pocket over the ecigs by themselves, the case keeps them from getting lost (like falling out of a pocket into the couch).

If the Loop ecig does die before you put it back in the charger, the circular white LED on the end of the battery stick will flash white. The small battery life of the Loop ecigs is pretty poor — lasting only about 30-40 hits — but the charge case charges the batteries fully within 15 minutes.

This “loop” of charging your two battery sticks can go on for a couple days without ever needing to charge the case again. When you do have to charge the case, it’ll take about 90 minutes to complete (and you can charge the ecigs inside as it charges).

The extra USB charger for the Loop battery sticks is handy, and it charges as fast as the case. Click here to learn more about how to use the NJOY Loop Vaping and chargers.

Pros / Cons

  • Hits strong like a cigarette
  • Simple flavor choices
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can easily see liquid level remaining in pods
  • Exceptional charge case
  • Quick charging (in PCC or in USB charger)
  • Pods can dribble vape liquid into mouth
  • Fruity flavors could be more pronounced
  • Pods aren’t included in the kit


The Loop is not your typical cigarette-looking vape! It really vapes well. I like this kit so much I’ve purchased several of them. But that was at the $12.99 price. I don’t know how long NJOY is going to keep the price so low. The NJOY site shows it’s on a special discount down from $49.99. I’ve seen the kit in stores at that retail price, so it’s best to buy directly from NJOY for more than 75% off while you can.



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